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8th to 9th Grade Scheduling has begun

5 down and 95 more to go. . .meetings with 8th graders and their parents, that is.  Scheduling time for me is always bittersweet.  I hate the back to back meetings with no time in between to do anything else.  My time is almost consumed for the next month or

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Decorating, Counseling, and Life via Charlie Brown

I think there are a lot of us counselors (ok, and those who aren’t counselors too) that spend some time on Pinterest.  Pinning can give us inspiration; and I’m not afraid to admit it, sometimes I need some inspiration.  Recently I found this Charlie Brown poster on Pinterest.  I tried

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Coffee With The Counselor: Early College Awareness

Sorry I didn’t post this sooner, but with a week off I had lots of other things to do, play-dates for my children, refinishing furniture for my home, birthday parties, rock climbing, ice-skating, glow golf. . .the list goes on. . . Anyway, back to School Counseling and Coffee With

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When Grief Hits School

This has been a sad week.  We lost a beloved teacher to a year long battle to cancer.  Her 3 children each attend one of the 3 buildings in our district.  Thankfully we have a Crisis Team.  If your school does not have one, encourage your administrators to put one

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What You Do Matters at Mix It Up Day

This is what 400 student ideas look like on a bulletin board. What You Do Matters.  This is our new saying at the Middle School this year.  To help kick start this program, students were asked to name one thing that they could do to make our school a better

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The Kindness Project: Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

For today’s Lunch Bunches, I presented my groups with a challenge:  complete 14 Random Acts of Kindness by next Thursday, February 14th.  As an incentive, I offered them a small prize if they were able to complete the challenge.  (I have some coupons for Yogurtland for a free yogurt and

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How do you get the conversation started?  Sometimes when you are working with groups, you need a little kick start for a conversation.  I use some old fashioned icebreaker questions, but have given them a new look.  I found some clear glass pebbles at a local craft store on sale

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Promoting a College Going Culture in Your School

Early College Awareness is important.  One of our main focuses these days as educators is making sure every student is career and college ready.  There are thousands of colleges in the United States, and I bet many students would find it hard to name more than 25.  Knowledge is power,

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Getting The Word Out. . .Newsletters

Today is report card day, which also means that it’s newsletter day.  I like to let parents know what has been happening in my little corner of the world, and about my work with their children.  I also try to include information about parenting, homework, or issues we are seeing in

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Kindness Hearts–Lunch Bunch Project

Thursday means Lunch Bunch.  Today we continued our talk about being positive and keeping positive thoughts, as well as helping others to think of themselves in a positive light as well. The kids took strips of one-sided scrapbook paper and wrote positive quotes on the back of each strip.  Each

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