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Together We Make A Masterpiece

I found these giant puzzle pieces at Oriental Trading Post and knew I had to use them because we have been talking about our uniqueness.  I also wanted everyone to see how everyone’s special talents and abilities allow us to work together and become something great.   The girls worked on

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Helping Kids Grow Their Self Esteem The JNP Project

While searching for Kindness Activities, I fell upon the JNP Project. I really liked what I saw, and a little while later, I saw they were connected to the School Counselor groups on Facebook.  I asked Dona Rudderow Sturn, who leads the group if she would be willing to talk

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A Lunch Bunch Lesson on Integrity

I don’t always do separate lessons for my girls groups and my boys groups, but this one I did just for the boys.  I knew that I wanted them to have an understanding of what integrity was, so as they were eating their lunches I started to ask them what

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Random Acts of Kindness Generator

I wanted something fun to do today with my boys during Lunch Bunch.   Both groups are very active, and I need some hands-on activities to keep them settled down and focused.  I often worry that they won’t like the craft projects I pick out, or that they will think

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The School Counselor Store

One of my favorite resources for supplies as a counselor is The School Counselor Store. This is a Facebook group where counselors can share items they are no longer using, resources, etc. 👉 Do you have books that you are no longer using? 👉 Is there something special that you

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Cookies, Planes & Counseling

Everyone has bad days., but cookies, a few paper planes, and a little counseling can make a big difference in turning that bad day around. Sometimes my days start with a few students coming into my office stressed, upset, and really down. I’m sure you can relate… the type of

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The Thinking Game

Recently, during Lunch Bunch I wanted to be able to see if my students remembered the skills we have been working on.  I made this game as a way for them to practice their team building skills, as well as to reinforce all the topics we have covered.   I started

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Enemy Pie – A Lunch Bunch Lesson Plan

One of my favorite lessons to do during lunch bunch is the lesson revolving around the book Enemy Pie. I like to tell the story of my childhood enemy turned friend Tony.  It goes a little something like this: When I was in middle school, I had an enemy and

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Discussing Divorce

Divorce can be stressful, sad, and confusing for children. At any age, children may have feelings of uncertainty or be angry at the prospect of their mom and dad not being together anymore. I make it a point to discuss with kids in grades 5-8 about divorce. Getting students to

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Advice to my Middle School Self

Middle school is tough. Raging hormones, lots of activities, trying to fit in and discover who you are. I thought it might be helpful for my students to read letters that teachers and counselors write to their younger selves.  The responses are pretty good! My advice: Dear Self, Middle School

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Counseling Students with Depression

It seems like I am seeing more students each year that struggle with depression. Well, maybe as a society we are becoming more aware of depression and the help needed to make life more manageable for those struggling. I have an amazing resource that I want to share with you. 

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Sometimes, I find that I really don’t need to talk to kids; sometimes they are already talked out.  They have shared their story a hundred times already, and all they really need is a quiet spot. This can be while we wait together for a parent to come and pick

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