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Counselor Chat is a podcast dedicated to all things School Counseling! If you’re looking for some inspiration, collaboration, easy to implement strategies to make your counseling life easier, then be sure to follow along!Your host, Carol Miller, from Counseling Essentials, is ready to spark some joy, help you simply your systems and share stories and…

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We have been talking about the qualities of a good friend in Lunch Bunch for the past two weeks, and I wanted to be able to review what we learned that was fun before moving on to another topic. As a result I made this Friendship BINGO game. My kids

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I have a student who LOVES Minecraft. OK, make that MANY students who love Minecraft. However, there is one in particular who is struggling with a class and is getting down on the fact that school is sometimes hard. I thought it would be a great idea to help by

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Recently, I showed my 7th grade classes a PowerPoint on bullying.  (Here is the link to request access! 7th Grade Bullying Lesson) I turned it into a movie using Microsoft Movie Maker.  While I wasn’t able to share everything I talked about with the students in this movie, it does

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Memoirs of a Goldfish

I love the book, Memoirs of a Goldfish, by Devin Scillian.  It is a sweet picture-book depicting the life of Goldfish.  Goldfish happily swim around their bowls; however, new things and fish are added every day which crowd his bowl. Goldfish has a variety of feelings, and is surprised that

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When I was in grad school I had a professor who told us about the “Better. Better. Great.” philosophy.  It really struck a chord with me way back when and 20+ years later, I still follow its principles. Better, Better, Great means that each day we should simply try to

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The Power of One

Three Dog Night made famous the song and phrase, “One is the Loneliest Number.” I won’t be using that as my mantra. Instead, I believe more in “The Power of One.”   Think of it like this old Breck commercial: My friend and fellow counselor, Jeff Ream, from the blog The

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Fidget Spinners are all the rage these days. They are in every grocery store, gas station, and school. Kids can’t seem to get enough of them– mine included, but, do they really help? Pros of fidget spinners: If you look on Pinterest, you will find a lot of other ways

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