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Middle school is a time for young adolescents to learn to navigate from child to young adult. Many boundaries are tested, and independence is acquired. 8th graders are the big guys on campus, but they are still those sweet, young, innocent, scared kids who began their middle school career just

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During day 2 with the 8th graders, I wanted to expand on the values lesson from yesterday (click here for the values lesson). We discussed the quote, “Values are like fingerprints. Nobodies are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.” First, we talked about goals. This

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My lunch bunch groups were talking about what makes us special and unique. I recently did a lesson with them that teaches about seeing beyond our first glance and looking deeper. To begin, I had students take a piece of paper and their favorite color marker. I asked them to

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When I was in grad school a million years ago, we often used timelines when talking with clients. When I began working as a school counselor, primarily with juniors and seniors and concentrating on the college admission process, I rarely pulled out the timeline. Working at a middle school, however,

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Keeping Track of Counseling Notes

This year I have several students that I need to see for counseling that is on their IEP or 504 plan. Because these students have goals, I needed to be able to track the progress they make while in counseling. As a result I created these forms.   This form is

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Celebrating Birthdays School-Wide

When I first started at the middle school, I noticed that some students had their lockers decorated by friends for their birthdays while many others did not.  Sometimes, students would come to me saying they were disappointed that their friends didn’t decorate their locker for their birthday.   I wanted to

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How Post-It Notes Can Change School Climate

First, let me forewarn you. I have an addiction to post-it notes. Honestly, I should take stock in the company. I can’t imagine a workday without them. They contain my daily list of things to do, people to see, parents to call, etc. Sticky notes line my desk as reminders

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Recently, the 8th grade team asked me if I wanted to come talk to the entire class of 71 students. I jumped at the chance to get into the classroom with them. I was so grateful to have the students for 77 minutes. 77 minutes is essentially 2 class periods.

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Bully Buster Dice Game

Here is one of my newest games on TpT!  The Bully Buster Dice game will help students learn what to do when they are being bullied.  Just roll the dice, pick a card, and then address and talk about the situation from the perspective of the bully, the bystander, or

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Planning A Transition to Middle School Event

Transitioning to middle school is not a throw-it-together-in-one-day event.  In fact, it takes months of planning and prepping. My process for transition is as follows: January— Send an email to 4th grade teachers at the elementary school to begin planning dates for transition visits. March— Confirm dates for visits.   Talk

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