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Borrowed Lessons: Reach High Future Planning

Our newest Lesson Leader is Lori Hartman, who writes the blog, Advocate For Possibility.  If you haven’t check it out, yuo should.  Lori has a lot of great ideas and lessons that she shares.  She is sharing with us her Reach Higher Future Lesson.  It’s a great lesson to get

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7th Grade College Awareness Lesson

I went into our 7th grade Family and Consumer Science classes both yesterday and today.  The kids had just finished a research project on a career they were interested in.  It was great to be able to go into classes and talk with them as they have just finished their

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Highlights From ASCA: The #reachhigher Initiative

I think ASCA will have a hard time competing for an equally compelling keynote speaker next year.  First Lady, Michelle Obama, was articulate, compassionate, inspiring, and influential.  Her calling for more school counselors and acknowledging their work as important and necessary for our school youth hit a chord with everyone

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