About Me

Hey There, Counselor Friend!

I believe School Counseling is The. Best. Job. Ever.  It is my calling, my joy, and my passion. But there were days I felt like I just couldn’t do it all. I spent many long days trying to build the best comprehensive counseling program and juggle that with being a mom, running to hockey, soccer, or track practices, being a wife, a friend, and then trying to still have time to get some self care in. 

 Finally, I found the organizational systems I needed to move from busy to productive and I really did make the good even better.  I want to help you do the same…whether it’s helping you with a lesson plan, a fun yet purposeful game for a counseling session, or teaching you my secrets for getting started with all the paperwork that keeps everything pulled together.  

So, are you with me??!!  Because we’re better together!

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