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Recently, the 8th grade team asked me if I wanted to come talk to the entire class of 71 students. I jumped at the chance to get into the classroom with them. I was so grateful to have the students for 77 minutes. 77 minutes is essentially 2 class periods.

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Cookies, Planes & Counseling

Everyone has bad days., but cookies, a few paper planes, and a little counseling can make a big difference in turning that bad day around. Sometimes my days start with a few students coming into my office stressed, upset, and really down. I’m sure you can relate… the type of

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You’ve Been BOOed

Yes, I have jumped on the BOOed Bandwagon.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will know that I really try to create a warm and caring environment–both for my students and our staff.I was at Target yesterday and found these cute You’ve Been Booed candy bars.

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