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Teaching Life Lessons

Yesterday we had our 3rd Mix It Up Day for the school year.  I posted previously about our second program in this post (What You Do Matters). I have been working really hard this year on our new theme, What You Do Matters!, but I really wanted kids to understand

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Bullied–A Moving Presentation

Today we saw a presentation from Jamie Nabozny.  Jamie was throughout his Middle School and High School years, verbally and physically bullied for being gay.  Jamie won a landmark federal lawsuit against his school administrators for failing to stop the harassment.  Now he speaks out for the millions of kids bullied

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What You Do Matters at Mix It Up Day

This is what 400 student ideas look like on a bulletin board. What You Do Matters.  This is our new saying at the Middle School this year.  To help kick start this program, students were asked to name one thing that they could do to make our school a better

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