The Kindness Project: Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

For today’s Lunch Bunches, I presented my groups with a challenge:  complete 14 Random Acts of Kindness by next Thursday, February 14th.  As an incentive, I offered them a small prize if they were able to complete the challenge.  (I have some coupons for Yogurtland for a free yogurt and topping that is attached to a “Great Job” certificate.) 
The challenges are broken down into different groups:  Compliments, Good Deeds, Charity, Helpfulness, and School Improvement.  We listed each grouping on the board and then gave some examples of each.  This is what they came up with:
  • Compliments–“You look nice today.”
  • Good Deeds–Holding a door for someone, Helping around the house without being asked, helping a neighbor
  • Charity–collecting spare change for the SPCA, bringing in their old sneakers to our sneaker recycling box, donating old clothes to the nurse or Salvation Army, bringing in an old book that they have already read to pass along to someone younger
  • Helpfulness–helping a parent make dinner, asking a teacher if they have errands, or classroom tasks that need to be done, watching a younger sibling, helping someone with homework
  • School Improvement–asking someone to sit with them at lunch, helping with the lunch recycling program, leaving random locker inspiration RAKS, sticking up for others
As you can see, I think they have a pretty good idea about how to complete the challenge.

If you would like me to send you a pdf or word version of this, just send me an email or post a comment below!

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