What You Do Matters at Mix It Up Day

This is what 400 student ideas look like on a bulletin board.
What You Do Matters.  This is our new saying at the Middle School this year.  To help kick start this program, students were asked to name one thing that they could do to make our school a better place.  They each put their idea on a post-it-note and placed it on the bulletin board in the cafeteria.  A lot of great ideas were generated, from making sure everyone recycles, to picking up books for someone in the hallway, and helping others with homework.  After everyone shared their ideas, students and faculty were treated to various pies donated from Wegmans, Lansing Market, BJs and several staff members.  Each student also received a jelly bracelet with the saying “What You Do Matters” as a reminder to keep this as a daily practice.
The theme, What You Do Matters, will be continue throughout the school year with several upcoming Mix It Up Days.

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