Decorating, Counseling, and Life via Charlie Brown

I think there are a lot of us counselors (ok, and those who aren’t counselors too) that spend some time on Pinterest. 
Pinning can give us inspiration; and I’m not afraid to admit it, sometimes I need some inspiration.  Recently I found this Charlie Brown poster on Pinterest.  I tried printing it out, because it was a photo of someone else’s sign, it was fuzzy.  Inspiration, however was born.  I hopped on google images, searched for Charlie Brown, found the image I liked, then cut and pasted into a word document.  I then added text and a border and voila. . .a new poster was born. 
Charlie’s hanging on my door as a sort of welcome sign.  Maybe I should add something like, “and Mrs. Miller can be your someone.”  What do you think.  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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