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Friendship BINGO

We have been talking about the qualities of a good friend in Lunch Bunch for the past two weeks and I wanted to be able to review what we learned that was fun before moving on to another topic.  As a result I made this Friendship BINGO game.  My kids

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Goal Setting for Your Future–8th grade lessons

I had the opportunity to spend 3 days in the 8th grade classrooms.  Teachers had asked if I could talk to them about perseverance and getting ready for high school and their future.  After debating for several days about what to teach, I finally decided on setting goals, academic success

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SC|CS16 Scholarship is now open!

We sold t-shirts, asked for donations, held a scholarship drive, asked for more donations, sold more t-shirts, lesson plans, and other stuff and over the past year, I am proud to say we have raised the most money for this scholarship to date!  Over 50 individuals and companies have helped

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The Importance Of Setting SMART Goals

I can’t wait to go to the 5th grade classes tomorrow.  I have my tennis balls ready and a great lesson to help them learn why setting goals is so important! I’m starting the students out by having them reflect on their year and thinking about 2016.   From there

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Using Minecraft to Help Build Academic Success

I have a student who LOVES Minecraft.  OK, make that MANY students who love Minecraft, but one in particular who is struggling with a class and who is getting down on the fact that school is sometimes hard.  I thought it would be a great idea to help by having

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Borrowed Lesson–Dream Catchers

Today, I am featuring a lesson from Shannon Reynolds, a counselor at McCall school who shared this idea with us on Caught In The Middle School Counselors Facebook group.  I asked her if she would be willing to share it here and she graciously said, “YES!”   So the following

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Learning with Classroom Guidance Games

I had the opportunity to review the book Classroom Guidance Games by Shannon Trice Black from YouthLight Publishers.  It’s designed for students in grades PK-sixth grade.  The book is broken up into 2 sections, PK-2 and grades 2-6. There are 25 games for early elementary students and 25 games for

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Keeping Track of Counseling Notes

This year I have several students that I need to see for counseling that is on their IEP of 504 plan.  Because these students have goals, I needed to be able to track the progress they make while in counseling.  As a result I created these forms.     This

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