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Keeping Your Counselor To Do List Organized

If you have ever walked into my office, you would have most likely seen a mountain of post it notes.  I mean they were everywhere, with little reminders of what I need to accomplish, call, or see that day. Those days are over.  O.V.E.R. Here’s my desk today.   Notice

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Playing Card Games To Learn Coping Skills

Kids love playing games.  Cards games are always a hit, and playing cards with students when in a counseling session can be really helpful.  First it gives kids a focus other than you looking at them.  They are concentrating instead on the cards and the game, and not where your

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5 Ways To Use Timelines in Counseling

When I was in grad school a million years ago, we often used timelines when talking with clients.  When I began working as a school counselor, primarily with juniors and seniors and concentrating on the college admission process, I rarely pulled out the timeline.  Working again at a middle school,

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How To Help Students Transition To High School

Middle school is a time for young adolescents to learn to navigate from child to young adult.  Many boundaries are tested, and independence is acquired.  8th graders are the big guys on campus, but they are still those sweet, young, innocent, scared kids who began their middle school career just

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Guest Post~ The Size of the Problem lesson

My friend, Kylie, wrote a blog post for me about the Size of the Problem.  Aimed to help middle school boys with coping skills and understanding the cause and effect relationship of behaviors and reactions, this is a really helpful lesson for ALL students.  I hope you check out her

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Get Ready For National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week is a time to advocate and educate to parents, faculty, administration and stakeholders what our school counseling program is all about.  While a lot of people view it as a day of recognition for counselors, that is not the purpose of this week.  It truly is

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Goal Setting For Success

Day 2 with the 8th graders and I wanted to expand on the values lesson from yesterday (click here for the values lesson).  We talked about the quote, “Values are like fingerprints.  Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.”  But first, we talked about

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You’ve Been BOOed

Yes, I have jumped on the BOOed Bandwagon.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will know that I really try to create a warm and caring environment–both for my students and our staff.I was at Target yesterday and found these cute You’ve Been Booed candy bars.

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Our Hidden Beauty

My lunch bunch groups were talking about what makes us special and unique.  Here is a recent lesson that I did with them that teaches about looking beyond our first glance and looking deeper.To begin, I had students take a piece of paper and their favorite color marker.  I asked

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Getting Ready For 4th Grade Visitors!

Each year we have our fourth graders come for a visit.  It’s part of our transition to middle school.  It takes a lot of planning and putting together, but it is a special program for both the current 5th graders and our soon to be 5th graders.Starting in January, I

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