When Students Need A Break

For many students, anxiety is difficult to deal with.  They become on sensory overload and focusing in class can seem impossible.  I have several students this year that I am working with who suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks.  While we work on deep breathing exercises, positive goal setting, and “pushing through” their panic attacks, sometimes they just need a break.  I made these Break Needed Passes, for students to have an out, and a much needed break when things become too stressful.  It is much easier for them to simply lay the pass on their teacher’s desk and then come down to my office, rather than raise their hand to ask to leave.  Sometime just knowing they can escape if necessary and having that little piece of security is all he/she needs. 

Here’s my pass:

I just fill in the student’s name and then print 6 to a page. 

Please feel free to email me for the template if you would like to use it for your own counseling office.

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