All About Me and a great way to hang up student artwork

So, here is the finished artwork of several of my students, as they have completed their All About Me portraits.  I found the idea on Pinterest on this pin

We started with a head that I drew and photocopied.  Next the students had to fill up the head with things that were special to them, things they liked, and things that made them who they are.  Once their heads were full, they were given a sheet of quotes about self-esteem.  They had to pick the quote that best described them. After their quotes were finished we passed them around and wrote about what we liked best about them.  Last we used watercolors to color them in.  The kids really enjoyed this activity, and I think they look great. 

Here are the quotes we used for this project:

Here is a close up shot of how I am hanging students’ artwork on my wall.  I’m using an EZ Up Clip, which is the little white clip that has a wax backing on it to keep it attached to the wall.  I have used these clips for years and they really work great.  The only problem is that thin materials can slip through the clip on the front.  To help with this, I attached a binder clip to the EZ Up Clip.  Now I can easily change out pictures without them falling to the ground, and keep them in place on the wall, window, or wherever I have decided to hang them.

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