Kindness Hearts–Lunch Bunch Project

Thursday means Lunch Bunch.  Today we continued our talk about being positive and keeping positive thoughts, as well as helping others to think of themselves in a positive light as well.

The kids took strips of one-sided scrapbook paper and wrote positive quotes on the back of each strip.  Each student had eight strips of paper  which meant eight different quotes and messages.  (We used the list of quotes from our last meeting–listed in a previous post) When they were done writing, they folded each strip in half and then folded it into a heart.  We then stapled all the hearts together and added a piece of string so they could be hung.   When they were all finished, they had to decided who they knew that they could give their hearts to.  Some chose friends, some a family member, others chose a teacher.  It was fun to listen who they wanted to give their hearts to and why.  I was definitely feeling the love as lunchtime was over. . .and YES, we did all this AND ate lunch in one 38 minute period!

Here are some of the finished projects:

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