Winding Down The School Year

School’s over for summer, but there is still plenty to do.  Although I get a vacation, I still work 20+ days during the summer months.  Most of the time is sent working on next year’s schedule, but there are days to close up this school year. 

Yesterday I spent my day trying to get our Data Management Program to print final vertical averages on report cards.  I spent several hours, going through each course and making sure credit values and gpa values were set correctly.  Turns out there was a small box in the system maintenance that wasn’t checked.  Anyway, I was able to fix several mistakes I found along the way. 

Today, we printed out report cards and our Principal took them to sign each one with a message to each student.  He has said that it takes him about six hours to review each report card and write something to each student, but it means so much to each kid.  If and when he retires, I hope to take over his tradition.  I haven’t met another principal that takes the time to sign each report card.

In addition to making sure report cards were ready, I also got my last newsletter of the year ready.

On the back, I included this list of 10 websites appropriate for middle school students that encourage fun and learning. (Yes, I got the idea from Pinterest, but had to find more age appropriate websites, because the ones I saw were geared more to lower elementary levels.)
Now that I’m done with getting things ready for the report card mailing, I need to focus on building a master schedule, and making sure I have kids placed in the right classes for next year.  In addition, I need to get organized for another school year.  I’ll post more on that later. . .
Anyway, hope you like the newsletters.  What do you do to end the year and get ready for a new one?  Leave me a comment and share what you do with the readers of this blog!

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