The Kindness Project–Stop The. . .

There’s a big difference between 5th graders and 8th graders.  Fifth graders are still so young and innocent.  Eighth graders, are definitely more mature.  They are bigger, stronger, and have started to resemble adults. They are really starting to analyse things.  But do you know what these two classes have in common?  They want everyone to come to school feeling safe, respected, valued, feeling like they are part of a good partnership (with their peers and their teachers).  They are sick of people being disrespectful and mean and they want changes. 

We talked about leaving signs around school of reminders to be kind.  Then we talked about leaving signs in the community.  Being fans of Pinterest, we found inspiration in this sign, and then created our own.

These can be found leaving the campus at the high school and middle school.

STOP Being Someone You’re Not
STOP The Drama!
I think these are some pretty good messages that they came up with.  We plan to rotate them with some other messages every few weeks. 

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