Story Rocks

You might say I like rocks.  I collect them, display them, write on them, and play with them.  I also use them in counseling.  In my last post, I used them to make a connection with students, how rocks are like people.  

Today, I used them more like Rory’s Story Cubes, and we told stories with them.  The 8th graders wanted to eat lunch with me today because tomorrow, our usually day for Lunch Bunch, they would be on the 8th Grade trip to New York City.

Since the kids are going to the City, there is some excitement and some nervousness associated with the trip.  Our rocks made for an excellent opportunity to talk about these feelings in a very fun and entertaining way.  Rules for using the stones can change from group to group, so today the rules were:

  1. Pick 3 Rocks
  2. Start your story with “During my trip to NYC. . .”
  3. Have fun.
Here the kids are lining up their rocks and getting their story ready to tell.  (Notice the necklaces the kids are wearing they are from this post)

Below you will find a close up of several of the Rocks.  They are easy to make.  Just find some nice flat rocks and draw pictures on them using paint pens.  I used Sharpie Paint pens they are inexpensive, can last for years, and mark on just about anything. 

Counseling materials don’t have to cost a lot of money to be effective.  You just need to use them effectively.
Do you have another use for rocks in counseling?  Let me know.  I still have a lot of rocks left over waiting to be put to use. . .

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