School Counseling ROCKS!

That’s right, School Counseling ROCKS and today we used rocks in school counseling.  

Last week my Lunch Bunch kids asked if we could make a project for Mother’s Day.  Since we have several students who do not have moms, I told them that we would make something for someone special to us, and that it could be for anyone, not just moms.  We are still talking about relationships in Lunch Bunch, so I put my crafty cap on and started thinking of a project we could do.  I saw some paperweights on Pinterest, and then started thinking how I could tie it into a lesson.  Voila~I had an idea.  How are people and rocks alike?
Living in the Finger Lakes, there are beaches all over the place, so I drove over to the State Park last night with my bucket, hoping to score a few nice round rocks.  (Since we live in the Finger Lakes, all the beaches are rocks so I knew it wasn’t going to be too hard!)  As I picked rocks, my kids played on the playground, so really it was a win-win situation for the Miller Family as well.
When I got home, I picked a few rocks that I thought I would write questions on to use as a discussion before starting the rock project.  Here are the questions I came up with:
  1. How are people and rocks alike?  (I was looking for the answer, they are all different)
  2. Who is someone you think “ROCKS”?
  3. What are the qualities of a rock?
  4. Are there things that can weigh you down like a rock?
  5. Who is someone that is your “ROCK”?
  6. What makes a person someone’s “ROCK”?
I asked these questions to the kids today, and they had some great answers.  After they were all answered, I asked them if they wanted to make a rock for their “ROCK”.  You’ll see they made some very cute rocks.
I did this with grades 5-8 and they equally enjoyed this project.

To let our special person know that we think they rock, I printed “You Rock!” on card stock and cut it out for each student.
What do you think of our Rocks?

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