Lunch Bunch. . .Talking About Friendship and Self-Love

My friends and I were busy.  I had 4 Lunch Bunch groups today; all in a row, so it was tiring as well.  We made friendship bracelets as we talked about friendship.  I’m always amazed how kids can be totally into making a craft and busy focusing on what they are doing AND talk as much as they do.  Granted as a school counselor, I like them to talk, but 38 minutes just isn’t enough time.  Everyone certainly had lots to say. 

Typically if we make a project, we can’t keep it for ourselves.  We have to give it away.  it’s part of the be kind to others pact that we have made.  However, today, one of my LBers said, “Can I keep my bracelet if I am friends with myself?”  Ok, friendship and self-esteem. . .this is now even better than I planned.

I agreed with letting them keep their bracelets and the conversation went from how we can be a friend to ourselves, to someone making a comment that they didn’t always like herself, to but we are all humans and we deserve respect and love, to how someone’s sister prevented one of herfriends from killing himself because he was depressed and didn’t like himself very much, to I think you are a fantastic person, to we should all want to love ourselves and be our own best friend. 

Whew. . .I think you can see why Lunch Bunch is important.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my friends making their bracelets. . .and yes, the boys were as into it as the girls. 

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