Being A Positive Agent for Culture Change

I am still thinking about Jamie Nabozny’s visit.  I don’t want his message to be a one shot deal.  I have been working all year on how to make school a place where everyone feels comfortable, where everyone feels respected, and where everyone takes responsibility for their words and actions. 

Kids have told me this is a big undertaking.  It can’t be done.  I remind them that I am not alone.  There are 400 (students) standing besides me, and that all together we have the power to move mountains. 

I wanted to keep them to still be inspired, so I found several videos to share with them.

and a poster to share:
So how am I going to help be a change agent?  I will monitor the hallways and visit the lunchrooms.  When I hear someone say “That’s so gay”, or “That’s retarded” I will not respond with “Stop.  We don’t use that language here” (This only lets students know that they can use that language in places other than school), but I will respond with, “When you say “That’s so gay” or “That’s retarded” it is offensive to people, and it is insulting.”  After all Wanda is right, we wouldn’t want someone to call something “that’s so 16 yr old boy with a cheesy mustache!”

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