Help Create A Great School Climate

What’s the difference between a positive work environment and one where people go just to collect a paycheck?    One where every employee feels valued, respected, and an important part of the team.  Positive work environments don’t just happen, they take time to develop.  They are made and not born.  They are planned for and not just happen stance. 
So, how do you make a positive difference in your school?  Help create opportunities for staff members to appreciate each other.  After all, we do it everyday with children.  Why not with the adults we work with. 
Colleague Appreciation Day doesn’t take much work.  A poster in every one’s mailbox with a few blank index cards, is really all it takes.  Just leave instructions for everyone to write an index card or two to someone they work with that they appreciate.  Name the date, and watch the magic happen.  Just be sure to have a few blank cards available for those individuals who need more.  Our day is scheduled for Friday.  It is our first one at the Middle School.  At the High School we used to do this once each semester, and it was really well received.  I can’t wait to see what will be in my mailbox.  I’ll share whatever I get so you can see the results!
How do help create a positive school climate?  Leave a comment so we can get the ideas flowing!

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