Inviting Students to Lunch Bunch

Although the year is well underway, there are students who are in need of a little extra attention.  While most of my Lunch Bunch Groups are pretty consistent, some are more fluid and students can join at any time.  All the groups center around the theme of friendship, kindness, and school spirit.  Each session starts with a discussion about our week, or an icebreaker question to mix things up a bit.  Sometimes based on our opening discussion, we will spontaneously revolve our Lunch Bunch around this event, idea, or conversation that occurred.  Most times, however, there is a planned activity that we talk about. 

On Thursday, we will be making friendship bracelets using craft floss.  The goal is to make 2.  One to keep and one to give away.  (I’ll post pictures of the bracelets when they are finished.) As the kids are busy making their bracelets, I’ll ask them these questions:

  • Why do friendships change throughout the year?
  •  What do I do when I don’t want to be friends with  someone anymore?
  • How do I become better friends with someone I haven’t been close to all year?

I also have several invitations that I am sending to several students because I want them to be included in this discussion.  These students have been referred to me by their teachers, and will be a welcomed addition to our group.

How do you run your Lunch Bunch?  Let me know.

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