Cookies, Planes and Counseling

Everyone has bad days.  But some cookies, a few paper planes, and a little counseling can make a big difference in turning that bad day around.

It started with 2 students who came to me stressed, upset, and really down.  Everything seemed to be going wrong.  I’m sure you can relate. . .

It just so happened that Kimmie, my secretary, went shopping at BJ’s the previous night and brought me in a big box of cookies.  I was going to bring it home, but sharing is good, and it  makes other’s feel good too.  

As I let them pick their favorite, I gave them each a piece of paper.  I had them write down everything that was stressing them out.  After they made their list I had them circle the top 3 things that were bothering them.  We them broke those 3 things down into 3 specific things.  For example:  

  • Friends:

  1. Want to spend more time with them
  2. Need to lose those that aren’t really my friend
  3. I need to be treated equally as well as I treat others

  • Family:

  1. Tell my sister to stop wearing my clothes
  2. Try talking to my mom about what is bothering me
  3. Spend less time in my room

We talked about what we could control and what we couldn’t, and how to let stress go.  When we were done, we made our papers into airplanes and sent them soaring across the room.

Here is a picture of our work and airplane landing in the trash and getting rid of our problems.

As they left my room the gloominess was gone and they walked out smiling.  I don’t think the cookie on the way out hurt either.

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