Borrowed Lesson Series. . .Transition to Middle School

Our Latest Lesson Leader is Sierra Bishop, middle school counselor.   Sierra has put together a great program for the soon-to-be sixth graders in her district.

I visit the 5th graders in May with some live examples of students that survived the transition (current 6th graders)  They help me review a ton of information with the kids and answer most of the student questions.

We also have the current 6th graders make videos for the 5th grade about a variety of topics that introduce Middle School and talk about the differences.  Here is an example of 1 of them:

We hold Camp Middle School in August.  We invite all of the incoming 6th graders and their parents.  Kids and parents attend sessions, some together some separate.  The kids have a school-wide scavenger hunt to find places they need to know, they have locker relay games and they meet their teachers.  The parents get a lot of information about the structure of Middle School and changes to expect in their child.  We end up having about 95% participation. 

For the locker relay the kids learn their combinations and then take turns in a team to see if their team can all finish first.  The teacher also walks them to their furthest possible class and then says they have 5 minutes to walk to their locker and open it and go to their homeroom.  If they are confident in their abilities they can even stop for a drink or to use the bathroom.  The kids take this very seriously, but have a great time.

I never thought of doing mini-videos about different sections of the school.  I do have my Get Ready For Middle School video all ready to go (I’ll share that with you after I meet with all our 4th graders), but now I will need to try some others.  I really love the library video and I also want to add the locker relay into the mix.

Thanks Sierra for sharing!

If you have any other great ideas for Transition or have a favorite lesson to share, let me know and you can be featured as a Lesson Leader.

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