A Day In The Life Of A School Counselor

Tabitha Panariso has posted a few times on her blog, Scrapbook of a School Counselor,  “A Day In The Life“, and this has been the inspiration for this posting.  I thought I would show everyone a glimpse into my day (OK. . .this was yesterday)

I started my day yesterday with an 8th to 9th grade transition meeting.  I then followed it up by going to 2 team meetings.  (I use a different binder for each grade level.)

I then had an individual counseling session.  We played a yard sale find, and one of my favorite games, Rummikub, as we talked about the week, behavior, issues, and strategies.

I also spent time working on the master schedule for this marking period, making sure study halls and classrooms had all been updated.  

Two additional transition meetings, another meeting with parents about accelerated math options, and several phone calls to parents, responding to emails, and working with a student after school rounded out my day.

What did you do today?  Leave a comment below or share your day on Facebook or Twitter with other counselors  and soon to be counselors who want to know what a day in your life is like.
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