Wrapping Up A Year Of Lunch Bunch

I am ready to say, “Hello Summer!”  At the same time, I am going to miss meeting with my Lunch Bunch kiddos.  We have done a lot this year.  They are full of energy and enthusiasm.  I spent some time looking for ways to wrap things up and found myself referring back to Pinterest.  I saw several “get-to-know-you” Facebook pages, and another Facebook activity page for a book report, but none that really fit the 5th-8th grade end-of-year wrap-up I was looking for, so I borrowed these ideas and created my own page. 
There are spots for each student to write their current favorites, give their status update (I asked them for their favorite event of the past year or a quote that would summarize their year) and friend updates. 
After each student wrote in their favorites and added their status update, we sent the sheets around the room for other LBers to write a positive message to the  friend’s page who was in front of them.  Although most of my LBers do not have a Facebook account, they were excited to have their own page.
We also made a Lunch Bunch movie on iMovie (from Apple iTunes) to show students next year.  I wish I could show you the movies we have made this year, but I want to maintain the confidentiality of our students.  If you haven’t tried this app, you should.  The possibilities for creating movies is endless, and it helps record programs that have happened, it gets kids excited, and it can be shown to your school board and administrators who get to peek at the great things you do in your program. 
Here is one of my pages:

How do you end your groups?  I’d be interested in knowing.  Leave a comment below.

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