The Kindness Project: Making the School a More Beautiful Place. . .one bathroom at a time

This sign hangs on the inside of each stall door.

I have been working as a School Counselor for 20 years, and I am still impressed and amazed at the ideas that kids come up with.  It excites me to see their passions, tugs on my heartstrings to see their yearnings to make the world better, and humbles me to hear, from their perspective, how simple life is. 

My Kindness Project Group has made of list of things they want to change in school to make it a better place.  Changes making out list include: reduce bullying, stop teacher favoritism, get rid of stereotypes, reduce the “glum”, and make school feel more like home. 

We have taken the last issue pretty seriously and have thought of a bunch of ways to make the school look a little more inviting. . .think of curb appeal.   Anyway, the subject of bathrooms came up.  The kids hate the bathrooms.  They are ugly.  So, we tried to do something about that by making the bathroom a friendlier place to visit.

Before I show you our pictures, I must admit, Pinterest gave us some ideas for posters.  I am not sure who first posted them, but if it was you, Thanks.

The Bathroom As It Looks Now:

It is a small step, but every great accomplishment began with someone taking that small step.
If you click on the posters, you should find a google drive link for that poster.  The posters can also be downloaded from the resource page.

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