Recently, I showed my 7th grade classes a PowerPoint on bullying. 

(Here is the link to request access! 7th Grade Bullying Lesson)

I turned it into a movie using Microsoft Movie Maker.  While I wasn’t able to share everything I talked about with the students in this movie, it does give a quick rundown of what we covered today in class.  

We did talk about Derek Jeter versus Parker Rice.  The actions and words we use can leave a lasting impression for years to come.  It brings us back to the point “How do you want to be remembered.”  

Words can be damaging or wrap around us like a warm blanket. The videos I showed today packed a punch.  One boy told me, “this is the most depressing class of the year.”  

“Maybe,” I responded, “because it’s the one that hits closest to home.  We live this.”

After the presentation, I asked them to share their thoughts.  I then gave them all a challenge. I had the classes break up into 3 groups, and I asked the groups to stand in a line.  I told them I would give their class a pizza party if any of the lines could pass a handful of glitter from the first person to the last person without spilling any on the floor or without the glitter sticking to their hands.  Needless to say, all were excited to win.

Passing glitter is harder than they all thought.  It gets stuck everywhere! Not one single person could get 100% of it off their hands.  

I asked them “how is glitter like our words?

The answers:

  • You can try to brush them off, but they are still there.  There is always a reminder.
  • Once it comes out of the bottle (or your mouth), you can’t put them all back in.
  • They can stick to everyone and everything.
  • It’s impossible to get rid of what you said once someone has heard it.

Talking about bullying is so important and helping students realize that their words are powerful is so important. I can’t wait to discuss more about bullying with them tomorrow.

I also want to thank Keryn and Carey for sharing with me their presentations that they put together.  That’s the power of collaboration and teamwork you can find in the Caught In The Middle School Counselors FB group.  Want to join?  Click on the links below.

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