Well after months of hard work and late nights, my first book, Starbound is being released in just a few short days!  

I am excited to be able to share this program with everyone.  StarBound is an 8 week program to empower girls, reduce drama, and build leaders.  It is what I do everyday at Lansing Middle School!

I aligned StarBound with ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success and have included many pages to track data and keep a record of the progress of your girls.  There are also parent permission slips, teacher recommendation forms and evaluations.  And with 3 options to choose from every week, plenty of activities to keep the program tailor made to your students.

To me, girls are very much like stars.  They are all different.  Some are big, some small.  Some shine brighter than others, and some are a little farther away.  They shine 24 hours a day, but when the day is over and it’s nighttime (which for me was always a bit scary) they seem to shine brighter.  I want to teach girls that they are the night star and their strength, their courage, is always there and can be boldly seen when it’s needed most.  

Want to pick up a copy?  You can order it through YouthLight Publishers here, or pick one up in person at the ASCA 15 Conference in Phoenix, or the National Conference in Las Vegas (I will be presenting about StarBound in Vegas), Niagara Falls, and Atlanta.  

I think you will really love it!

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