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On our Elementary School Counselor Exchange Facebook Group, a friend, Kim Anderson, posted a message asking for post cards to help a school during their time of grief.  There was a shooting in their district and the lives of two young men were lost.  They are asking for words of encouragement on a post card to distribute to each of their 3000 students on the first day of school.  Please help with this mission.  Kim’s post follows:

I know this is a place for us to share thoughts, questions and resources, but I am also asking for help…
I live in the Reynolds School District where we ended the school year with a shooting and the deaths of two young men. As you all know how this hits home for us as School Counselors. We ask those questions of how could we have helped, what could we have done? What can we do after this terrible thing has happened? Well, Here is what you can do: If you are interested you could have your school send postcards, or you individually? As of the end of July there were 84 postcards received. 84! In a school that literally has over 3000 students.Thank you- Kim Anderson
**This is a mission to send encouraging notes on postcards to students at Reynolds High School. The goal is 3000 post cards to hand out to all the faculty and students at the high school on the first day of school (Sept. 5).

Sponsored and created by a Nana in the community, Susan Bowker

For those who do not know what happened, in the last week of school this past spring, a school shooting ended the lives of a student victim and the student shooter.
No matter who you are or where you live (shout out to friends and family in Canada, England, Germany, Albania, Malawi, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, and many others!!!), the love you can share on a simple post card will mean the world to a student.

Please pass this event on and most importantly, send a post card to this address before September 1st:
                  PO Box 9
                  Troutdale, OR  97060
Please help with this mission.  Make it your Random Act Of Kindness for the day.  Help to be the change you wish to see in the world.  One simple act can make a huge difference.  

Thank you.

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