School Counselor Central and SC|CS Team Up!

School Counselor Central, The counseling geek, the middle school counselor and SCCS 2016 team up to raise funds for the 2016 funding drive
Jeff and I want to encourage you to check out an upcoming webinar held by School Counselor Central and to share that Deb from SCC has pledged to donate an additional $2 for every new individual subscription to SCC between March 10th and May 10th. SCC has already been the first donor to the 2016 donation drive but is not stopping there!   In addition, for every new subscription, I will throw in a cool lesson plan for those schools that subscribe!   
You or your business can also pledge to support school counselors and continued access to high quality professional development by donating the 2016 SC|CS Donation Drive by clicking the button below. We count on your generosity to provide generously to others in our community each year. Thank you in advance for supporting SC|CS 2016.
More info on the March 10th webinar can be found below:
School Counseling 
Alignment of  
Program and Practice
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
5 PM Eastern Time

Join this webinar to understand how a Director of K12 School Counseling was able to:

* Demonstrate how non-school counseling activities don’t assist students.
* Support the response to intervention initiative through different levels of delivery activities.
* Create and align lessons to national standards.
* Report reasons for meeting with students to use in team, child study or other team meetings supporting student progress.
* Show how results lead to building administration understanding of the impact of a school counseling program.
* Hire four additional school counselors to implement a K12 School Counseling Program.
All with the use of School Counselor Central!

Please help support our efforts to make great PD available to school counselors!

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