Said No Teacher (or School Counselor) Ever

Today was a quick day.  Students in the morning and staff development in the afternoon.  I thought I would share with everyone some highlights from our superintendent’s presentation.

Here is a video that is just too funny for words.

What wasn’t added in the video is what is said by no school counselor ever. . .

  • Call me Guidance Counselor.  
  • Counseling is only for people with problems.
  • Go ahead and tell me everything.  I won’t listen anyway.
  • I love having a couch in my office.  That’s where I take my naps when everyone else is teaching.
  • No, really, I love dropping everything else I’m doing to organize and get ready for state testing.
  • Those who can teach, those who can’t go into school counseling.
  • You really don’t need a degree to do what I do.
  • I get paid too much money for this.
  • I love that I can play games all day and not have to do any real work.
  • I’m not as important as a teacher.
  • Schedule changes are the highlight of my day!
  • I’m supposed to spend the majority of my day in direct services with students. . .are you kidding?
  • No one needs career planning.  That’s what college is for.
  • You CAN’T go to college.  You’ll NEVER get in.
  • I’m not in this for the kids.  I go to school because, well, what else would I do.
  • I don’t make a difference.
'I love it when you call me 'guidance' counselor,' said no School Counselor ever.

What are the other good ones you have to add?  Let me know.

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