Now That Testing Is Over, I “Mustache” You A Question (Part 1)

Well,  Tommy and Sally weren’t too happy when they came in to work today and saw popcorn all over the floor. . .especially since there isn’t any left for them. . .but none-the-less, today was fun.  (Tommy and Sally are our night custodians)  

Today was the last day of the NYS Math exam.  Earlier last month, we finished up the ELA exams.  We are all ready to be done with test mode.  To celebrate, I hauled out the popcorn machine and decided to treat everyone to popcorn for the day as a little surprise.  

I decorated the bulletin board in the cafeteria with a few signs.

and made a few mustache props.  Here is my son, Hayden, having fun in the cafe with the popcorn, and one of our Lunch Duty Aides with the prop.  

As kids came up to get popcorn, I had them grab the props and asked them what they thought about their test.  I took lots of pictures and on Monday will have them printed out and will fill in the bulletin board with pictures of all the kids having a good time.  I’ll have to post my board on Monday so you can see it.  I think it will be fun for the kids to look at.

I ‘ll also get some candy for Tommy and Sally as a Thank You for putting up with me and my popcorn.  

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