Handouts. . .A School Counselor’s Best Friend

Yesterday and today are Parent Teacher Conferences.   Some teachers can dread the extra long days (and nights), but I welcome the opportunity to share with families what I do and how I can help.

I have my videos ready, but I also have my brochures. I know when I attend meetings, conferences, or events, I feel satisfied if I can leave with info (and paper) in my hands. Brochures are a must have. They allow parents something to hold onto. They show quick references to programs and groups you are running, and they give a contact name and phone number. 

I know a lot of counselors have brochures, but if you haven’t updated them in several years, or you are new and haven’t found the time to put one together, Now Is The Time! What a great way to let people have a small piece of paper to take home, read at a time that is convenient for them, and learn about your program.

I have the newsletters in an upcycled (found in the discard pile) book box. 



In addition to my brochures, my newsletters are also stuffed in every report card envelope that is going home today.  This is my second newsletter to go out for this year and it was crammed with info. . . 4 pages worth to be exact. 

Here is my latest newsletter:

And for the teachers today, I left this in their mailboxes before conferences began for the day.  It’s a little reminder to focus on the great things about a student, and not just the negative stuff.


What type of handouts do you have?  Leave a comment below or join in the discussion by one of the ways below:

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