Day 1 of ELA testing: More Organization and Testing Affirmations

Today was the first day for ELA testing.  It’s a good thing we started getting everything ready early, because it is a big job to get everything organized. 

To start the day, our kids walked into the building with a little surprise.

My kids and I came back to the school last night after everyone had left and wrote these messages to the students so they could have something fun and uplifting to start their day.  We wanted to do more, but today was a rainy day and this section had an overhang to keep it free from the rain.  I think we made a hit, because people were talking about it all day. 

Bright and early, teachers came into my room to grab their testing boxes.  Each box was color coded by grade, and labeled with the proctor’s name and room assignment.  We had everything ready for them inside; directions, tissues, pencils, tests, answer sheets, proctor duties and a few other items.  (I have included these items under the resource page of this blog.)  Believe it or not, tissues were really appreciated.  In addition, I had coffee, tangerines, bananas, and cookies for all proctors throughout the day so they could get a quick pick-me-up. 

Here are what the boxes looked like:

What is your role for testing and how do you organize everything.  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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