Sometimes, I find that I really don’t need to talk to kids; sometimes they are already talked out.  They have shared their story a hundred times already, and all they really need is a quiet spot. This can be while we wait together for a parent to come and pick them up. Maybe it is while we wait for the next class to begin..and sometimes we wait because there are just no words for the moment.

Silence is okay, it may seem awkward but silence allows the mind to focus on processing events that have happened, skills the student has learned, and allows the body to relax.  Silence can be the tie that binds two people together.  

After what may seem like an eternity (even though it is just a few minutes) I will ask the student if he or she is ready to talk. From there we usually have a great conversation. My students know that I am not going anywhere and that I will wait patiently for them to share.

I like to sit next to students when they are angry or upset.  We sit on the sofa in the main section of the counseling office.  I let them make their grouchy faces and sigh their “UMPPHS” and moan their distaste for whatever has brought them down to see me. If the student doesn’t want to sit on the sofa, my desk can also be a  quiet spot. Depending on how much time we have the student may sit and reflect. 

It is during these quiet times that I use journal pages.  Journal pages are great therapy.  Journaling is quiet and reflective.  Looking for some fun journal pages of your own? I have a couple to choose from!

These sheets are a cinch to print off and hand out. They only take a little time to complete, plus with some colored pencils are just too cute.  I always give the kids the option of taking them home or putting them into the shredder.  99% want to bring them home, and they ask me to print out more so they have them for home as well.

Do you have a quiet spot in your office?  What do you do with silence? Let me know in the comments below! 

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