Be The Change — A Lesson on Empathy

It’s important to help students understand the importance of empathy–especially with the recent natural disasters, the shootings, and the political climate.  One song I love that reminds me of this premise is Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror”.   If you want to make changes, you have to look at yourself first.

I decided to use this song to help my kids look at empathy.  I started with a few discussion questions about what they thought needed changes in today’s world, and it started a great discussion.

 I then had them listen to the song and we talked about what it meant.  Once they were done, I asked them to color a pennant to show their commitment to helping to make the world a better place.  Once they are finished, we will hang them around the school.

You can find  the lesson in my TpT Store HERE, if you would like it for yourself. 

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