Are You A Thrower of Starfish?

One of my favorite stories is the Starfish Story.  I love sharing it with my Lunch Bunch kids.  It is simple and sweet: I have it memorized, and tell it with conviction.  I love how quiet the room gets as I tell the story of the little girl who found the starfish washed up on the shore.

I start by asking the kids if the have ever been to the beach after a storm.  Since we live within minutes to Cayuga Lake, I know the answer will be an easy “Yes”.  We talk about how things are washed up on shore from the Lake.  I then have them imagine the Ocean after a storm, with starfish washed up on the beach. 

Then, I tell them the Story Of The Starfish. . .

(Click on Story for PDF)
When I’m done telling the story, I ask them these questions.  We discuss them and write them on the board.

I love their answers.  And, I can’t wait until next week when we will talk more about Throwing Starfish.
What are the starfish you throw?  How do you make a difference?  How do you get others to follow?  Let me know

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