A Fellow Counselor’s Office–Part 2 of the Office Tour Linky

Hi everyone,
I received an email today from a fellow counselor, Christopher Belser from Baton Rouge, LA.  Christopher doesn’t currently blog, but is quite proud of his office and wanted to share it with us.

Christopher writes:

When I started at my school at the beginning of last year, my office was an old book room / janitor’s closet.  The first three pictures show how scary it looked with all the electrical equipment, the lack of furniture, and the lack of windows.  After a year, though, I’ve successfully moved in.  My students are fascinated by all of my little science toys and gadgets on the shelves behind my desk, and they love seeing pictures of their peers on my shelves and bulletin boards.  I converted a random wooden platform underneath random pipes sticking out of the wall into an interesting chair that my students are eager to try out.  As a former English teacher I’m also somewhat of a “black-market librarian” since our school library doesn’t have the best selection; the massive amount of shelving has made that easier.  

Here are some pictures of Christopher’s office:



Thanks Christopher for sharing!  You certainly have made a few improvements to your space.  Reminds me of several of my first spaces. . . one was the tiny little office in the basement where they stored band instruments, and the other was a book closet (only I had to share that space because they never took the books out and occasionally teachers would come looking for class sets of book in the middle of my lessons!)

Remember if you don’t blog and have some office pictures you’d like to share, send them to me at themiddleschoolcounselor@gmail.com

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