20 Ways To Increase Self Esteem

Most students I see, whether it’s for a social skills group, drama problems, academic troubles, family groups, or friendship issues, all seem to have one thing in common.  Their self-confidence has taken a hit somewhere along the line.  If we can help them to feel better about themselves, then we can help them to improve their grades, relationships, communication, and reach goals.

Here is a handout I put together to give to students and parents about simple things kids (or adults too) can do to raise their self-esteem.

I also put together this infographic:

I also created these discussion cards for my groups to foster self-esteem.
I love the versatility these cards have.  They can be used as icebreakers to my friendship groups, as well as review for the mindfulness and self-care lessons we have been working on.  I made some Scoot recording sheets and art therapy worksheets, so these cards can become lessons.  

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