20 Ways To Increase Self Esteem


Most students I see, whether it’s for a social skills group, drama problems, academic troubles, family groups, or friendship issues, all seem to have one thing in common.  Their self-confidence has taken a hit somewhere along the line.  If we can help them to feel better about themselves, then we can help them to improve their grades, relationships, communication, and reach goals.

 I put together a FREE handout to give to students and parents about simple things kids (or adults too) can do to raise their self-esteem.


20 Ways To Increase Self Esteem is a great handout for students, parents, or staff members for ways an individual can increase their self-esteem and confidence. If individuals can increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, then they are more likely to obtain their goals, have better relationships, and increase academic performance.

Positive self-esteem for students is extremely important as it allows them to try new things, take healthy risks, and solve problems. When you can increase self-esteem your students’ learning and development will also be productive, setting them up for a healthy future.

This infographic says it all (feel free to share!)
If you are looking for something even more in-depth – I also created these discussion cards for my groups to foster self-esteem. (You can get your copy HERE!)
I love the versatility these cards have.  They can be used as icebreakers for my friendship groups, as well as a review for the mindfulness and self-care lessons we have been working on.  I made some Scoot recording sheets and art therapy worksheets, so these cards can become lessons.  

This bundle contains:

✔ 96 Discussion Cards 6 different topics expand the different ways these cards can be used.

✔ Ideas For Use – includes several different lesson plans or counseling session ideas

✔ Bonus worksheets – includes scoot game, art therapy worksheets, and quiz, quiz, trade game





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