100 Affirmations To Help Build Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Affirmations are words we say to ourselves to affirm our self-worth.   What we tell ourselves reinforces our self-esteem and can be either positive or negative.  It’s important to help our students build a positive mindset.  Our mindsets becomes our belief systems about ourselves and if we work at telling ourselves positive affirmations, we are helping ourselves to become more confident when others may try to tear us down. 

Sometimes we need to preprogram our mindset.  Using affirmations helps to do that.  If we keep telling ourselves something, we will believe it to be true.  I did a lesson where I taught my girls’ group how to write their own affirmations.  We started with “I” or “Me” added a verb in the present tense and then added some additional positive words.  

Affirmations should be positive, should stay in the present tense, and should take a positive thought and make it positive.  Try to stay away from words like “will” or “am going to”.  These signify things in the future and doesn’t focus on where one is now.  Keeping affirmations in the present also helps keeps individuals motivated towards their goals.  

Here is a list of affirmations I use with students.

1.  I am strong.
2.  I am capable of doing hard things.
3.  I am brave.
4.  I am happy.
5.  I have a positive mindset.
6.  I am beautiful.
7.  I am confident.
8.  I am capable of facing my fears.
9.   I am loved by my friends and family.
10.  I am healthy.
11.  I am excited for today.
12.  I am kind to others..
13.  I have done my best today.
14.  I  am choosing  joy today.
15.  I will make it happen.
16.  I will make good choices for myself.
17.  I am a wonderful person.
18.  I have a happy heart.
19.  I am capable of anything.
20.  I am grateful.
21.  I  am caring to others.
22.  I am a great friend.
23.  I am creative.
24.  I  can set goals and follow them through.
25.  I am unique.
26.  I can keep my chin up when things are hard.
27.  I am intelligent.
28.  I have flaws and they are OK.
29.  I am at peace with myself.
30.  I am accepting of others.
31.  I am successful.
32.  I am unique.
33.  I embrace change.
34.  I am thankful.
35.  I believe in my abilities.
36.  I am proud of myself.
37.  I am a leader.
38.  I forgive others for their mistakes.
39.  I am awesome.
40.  I have the courage to be myself.
41.  I am worthy of love.
42.  I enjoy life.
43.  I am thoughtful.
44.  I am optimistic.
45.  I see the good in myself.
46.  I respect myself.
47.  I am going after my dreams.
48.  I learn from my mistakes.
49.  I have the ability to overcome challenges.
50.  I am centered and grounded.
51.  I can face adversity.
52.  I can honor my own life path.
53.  I define my own success.
54.  I love myself.
55.  I deserve love.
56.  I have a warm heart.
57.  I am enough.
58.  I deserve greatness.
59.  I can seize life’s opportunities.
60.  I am fearless.
61.  I know my power.
62.  I am a warrior.
63.  I can do this.
64.  I am deserving of my dreams.
65.  I am blessed.
66.  I am courageous.
67.  I am secure.
68.  I am keeping  my body healthy.
69.  I am inspiring others.
70.  I choose what I become.
71.  I believe today will be a good day.
72.  I am surrounding myself with love.
73.  I have all I need.
74.  I am grateful for life.
75.  I am okay.
76.  I am focusing on my dreams..
77.  I am valuable.
78.  I am loveable.
79.  I am honest.
80.  I am a rainbow in someone’s day.
81.  I am riding out the storm.
82.  I have opportunities in life.
83.  I am in control.
84.  I can make a difference.
85.My thoughts are remaining positive.
86.  I am hopeful.
87.  I control my attitude.
88.  I control my own destiny.
89.  I make the world a better place.
90.  I can work through my struggles.
91.  I am sincere.
92.  I am wise.
93.  I am motivated.
94.  I can remain focused.
95.  I am tough enough to handle challenges.
96.  My determination is great.
97.  I make my own choices.
98.  I have good values.
99.   I am mindful.
100.  I bring my own sunshine.
I put them all together for you in this list.  This is great as a handout for students, teachers, and parents.
Affirmations are great when they are made into cards.  I like to tell my students to put them in their binders, tape them on their mirrors at home, post them near their beds, or I will leave them randomly around the school.  I also made an Affirmations Jar in my office.  Kids can take one whenever they need a little pick me up.  You can find these Affirmations here.

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