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Counseling Office Storage Solutions

If you are like me, time is of essence and storing and searching for counseling materials needs to efficient, quick and easy.  Any time searching for something is lost time, so materials need to be ready to go at all times. I’ll show you some of my favorite storage ideas

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More Great Office Photos

If you are not a member of Caught In The Middle School Counselors, you should be.  There are a lot of postings right now of school counseling offices.  If you need some inspiration or ideas, there are so many ideas being posted.  I thought I’d share one more posting of

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Decorating Your Office On A Dime

 Decorating can be expensive.  Fabric, furniture, refrigerator, pillows, posters and wall hangings, decorations, storage…the list just keeps going on.  So how can you pull together a welcoming space without living on Raman Noodles?  Get creative.  Since a dime is worth 10 cents, here are 10 ways to decorate without breaking

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