16. Teaching Students About Race and Racism in Elementary School with Kristin Moffett

How do you approach teaching the topics of race and racism with your elementary students, especially if you are not a person of color? If you need additional support with this, this episode is for you!

In this podcast episode, I interview Kristen Moffett, a 20 + year school counselor at the Walker School in Georgia. Kristen shares her experiences and insights on addressing race and racism with elementary students.

Kristen collaborated with parents, administration, and colleagues to develop a curriculum focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, race, and racism. She discusses the significance of educators taking responsibility for learning and educating themselves about race and racism, rather than solely relying on individuals from diverse backgrounds to teach these topics.

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Topics Covered:

  • Educators, regardless of their racial background, must educate themselves about race and racism and take responsibility for teaching these topics to students.
  • The curriculum developed by Kristen and her team, consisting of five lessons on diversity, equity, inclusion, race, and racism.
  • Using age-appropriate definitions and language when teaching about race and racism
  • Simplifying complex concepts to ensure students comprehend and engage in meaningful discussions.
  • The importance of collaborating with parents, administrators, and colleagues in addressing race-related topics effectively.

Resources Mentioned:

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Summer Counselor Conference

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