51. Finding Grace In Grief: A School Counselor’s Journey

In this Episode of the Counselor Chat, we delve into the challenging terrain of grief, particularly for school counselors who are often pillars of strength for their communities.

Episode Highlights

  • Experience of Grief:
  • Reflecting on the different forms of grief, from losing loved ones to pets, colleagues, and students.
  • Discussing the impact of these losses and how they can affect counselors personally and professionally.
  • Navigating Grief While Supporting Others:
  • Exploring the complexity of managing personal grief while being a source of support for students, colleagues, and families.
  • The struggle of maintaining strength and resilience while dealing with personal loss.
  • Permission to Feel:
  • Importance of giving oneself permission to feel emotions and process grief without judgment.
  • Acknowledging that it’s okay not to be okay and allowing time and space for healing.
  • Seeking Support:
  • Encouraging counselors to reach out for help, whether from a counselor outside the school community, trusted colleagues, or friends and family.
  • Reminding that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.
  • Personal Experiences Shared:
  • I also share personal anecdotes from my years as a counselor, showing instances of acknowledging limitations and seeking support from others.

This episode of the Counselor Chat Podcast provides valuable insights into the challenges of managing personal grief while supporting others, emphasizing the importance of self-care, seeking help, and building a supportive community of counselors.