44. What Am I Supposed To Do For National School Counseling Week with Mal Jacobs and Hannah Mick

Get ready to be inspired and energized in this special edition of the Counselor Chat podcast!

This episode features a lively and insightful Zoom call recording with the vibrant Kansas elementary school counselors, Mallory Jacobs and Hannah Mick.

They’re here to share their ingenious toolkit for celebrating National School Counseling Week. From discussing the multifaceted role of school counselors to diving into creative and practical ways to celebrate and advocate for the profession, this episode is a treasure trove of ideas, laughter, and inspiration.

Whether you’re a school counselor, educator, or simply someone passionate about the impact of counseling, this episode promises to enlighten and entertain!

Key Highlights:

  • ???? Guest Appearances by Mallory and Hannah: Discover the passion and creativity behind the roles of Mallory Jacobs and Hannah Mick, elementary school counselors and board members of the Kansas School Counselor Association.
  • ???? Celebrating National School Counseling Week: Unpack the essence of this special week with fun, innovative activities, and strategies designed to highlight and advocate for the vital role of school counselors.
  • ????️ Toolkit Exploration: Dive into the details of the toolkit prepared by Mallory and Hannah, featuring easy-to-implement, engaging activities perfect for any school setting.
  • ???? Advocacy Over Celebration: Engage in a thought-provoking discussion on why National School Counseling Week is more about advocating the profession than just celebrating it.
  • ???? Creative Engagement Ideas: Get inspired by a range of ideas from dress-up days to interactive games, all aimed at making the week memorable and impactful.
  • ???? Social Media Interaction: Learn how to share your own celebration stories and connect with a broader community of school counselors and educators.

Tune in to this episode for an enriching experience combining professional insight with fun and community spirit. Don’t forget to subscribe and share your thoughts with us on social media! ????????????️

Mallory Jacobs and Hannah Mick are both Elementary School Counselors in Kansas and serve on the board of the Kansas School Counselor Association. They also have a podcast called Kickin’ It With KSCA.

Hanna Kemble-Mick– hkemble@ksde.org

Mallory Jacobs– mjacobs@ksde.org

Carol’s NSCW resources



Carol: You're listening to the counselor chat podcast, a show for school counselors looking for easy to implement strategies, how to tips, collaboration, and a little spark of joy. I'm Carol Miller, your host. I'm a full time school counselor and the face behind counseling essentials. I'm all about creating simplified systems, data driven practices, and using creative approaches to age students. If you're looking for a little inspiration to help you make a big impact on student growth and success, you're in the right place because we're better together. Ready to chat? Let's dive in.

Carol: Hi everyone, it's Carol here, your host for the counselor chat podcast. Today I thought we would do something a little bit different. In fact, I've never done this before and I thought, why not? So today we are going to hear a recording of a Zoom call from two of my good friends, Mallory Jacobs and Hannah Mick. Now, both Mal and Hannah are elementary school counselors in Kansas and they serve on the board for the Kansas School Counselor association. Well, I got an email from, oh, this past week and I said, wow, this is really cool. So Mal and Hannah have put together this really awesome toolkit for national school Counseling week. And if you've been following me for a while, you know that every year I do something to celebrate national school counseling week. I'll put together posters and send emails to my staff and I have different things for kids. And if you're in any of my Facebook groups, you know that I really have this passion about celebrating national school counseling week because it's a way for us to band together and really to promote our profession. And I think so many counselors think, oh, it's just one more thing that I have to do and I should be celebrated and I shouldn't be the one who has to do anything. But really, school counseling week is about advocating. It's not about the school counselor, it's about the school counseling program and just exactly what we do. And the reason why it's so important for us to celebrate is because people still say guidance counselor and guidance, although we guide many of us, myself included. I'm not a high school counselor. I'm not a guidance counselor in a high school solely serving and guiding students to the areas of what's beyond high school. I'm in an elementary school. I have worked in high school. I have worked in middle. But my job is to really promote social emotional learning and talk about feelings and help students with knowing what different careers are out there and understanding that college is an option if they want it. And to teach them about safety and personal safety and boundaries and consent and all those things that come along with the school counseling role and to really help students and empower them to be their best version of themselves, that they can lead long and healthy and prosperous lives and ones that are really healthy and happy and filled with this really emotional wellness. And so it's really important to, I think, celebrate the work that we do and try to have people that don't understand what it's all about kind of explain it to them. So when I saw this email from Mallory and Hannah, I said, I'm going to ask them, let me steal this recording from them and let me play it back for you today. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. I am going to share their Zoom meeting that they had with counselors, not only in their own state, but across the US, all about national school counseling week and this little toolkit that they put together to really make celebrating the week super simple. Because who doesn't like the easy path or the easy button to use? So I am going to stop rambling on and on, and I am just going to let you listen to their Zoom. All right, here we go.

Mallory: Speaking of rocking, are you guys ready to rock out this morning? Because Hannah and I are.

Hannah: We are. And pipes the fairy doodle. She's ready to rock out, too. She's got on her shades, you can't really tell, but she is rocking a little led zeppelin t shirt this morning. This little rock star pup. She's ready to go.

Mallory: She's rocking. She's been probably rocking since you guys got the phone call. No school.

Hannah: Yeah, we sure did. We'll get well.

Mallory: Welcome in, everybody. Good morning. Thank you for being with us. We hope that you are ready to rock and roll and all. Everything in between. My name is Mallory Jacobs and I am one of the CLCs for the state of Kansas. And I'm also with my dear friend Hannah Kimball.

Speaker E: Mooc.

Hannah: Hey, everybody. Same as Mallory. I'm a CLC for KSDE. I'm here this morning with my therapy dog, Piper, and we are so excited here. Thanks for joining this morning during a snow day for us. So that is awesome. We are ready to rock. I don't know about you guys.

Mallory: Rock on. So some of you might be joining us from other states. Some of you might be joining us from school, wherever you are. We are so excited that you are here. We more ccs with us. Miss Melanie Scott. And also we have Nick Brummett. Awesome. And we are here to help you out with some national school counseling week amazing ideas. So without further ado, all your chit.

Hannah: Chatting, we've got Ohio in the house. So we've got not just Kansas. Love it.

Mallory: We love her. All right, Hannah, here we go.

Hannah: Let's do this. Let's kick it. Another Ohio. Let's do it. Colorado. Nice to see you, Missouri. Let's go. Hope you're a Chiefs fan.

Mallory: We love it. All right, Hannah, let's kick us off, my friend.

Hannah: All right, so we were checking out the form that you guys all filled out, and if you were looking for low prep ideas, some positive energy this morning, quick resources, fun activities, advocacy, learning how to do school counseling week because you're a new counselor or maybe you're a veteran and you're like, I'm just looking up to freshen some ideas. If that sounds like you, you are in the right place. One answer we got that I really like because I think it's true for so many of us, is it was ideas. How to celebrate this week while not making it seem like I'm looking for recognition for me, I know so many of us struggle with that because it's like, okay, this is national School counseling week. Is this a week about me? Is it a week about advocacy? Is this a week where people should be celebrating me? It's a weird kind of concept, but really, how Mallory and I look at it is, it is a week for advocacy. So we're not just celebrating counselors. We're celebrating the support that our staff brings to us and a lot of great things in that regard. So we're going to make this week seem like it is about counselors. But it's not just about you. It's about everybody else. Kind of like, I don't know, a rock and roll band, right? We need all the people. You need the backup singers. You need the bass guitar. You need the drummers. We need all those things. Just like we need all of our staff to work together to create a really great school counseling program. So if that is what you're looking for today, we've got it for you. And of course, you know that at the end of our time together today, Mal and I are giving you a whole prize pack. I'm calling it because you will have tons of resources and printables that are going to make your national school counseling week a breeze. But before we do that, let's move on to our next slide. Mal, would you go over some of our myths that we might be having because of national school counseling week and I'll keep letting people in while you do that.

Mallory: Awesome. I never thought you would ask. All right, so some of the myths that we need to debunk. A lot of times people are thinking, it's national school counseling week. Shouldn't they be giving me gifts? Shouldn't they be celebrating me?

Speaker E: You could thank them.

Mallory: Absolutely. And that is why it is our job to celebrate ourselves and advocate for our jobs, advocate for our positions. Get in front of your school board members and talk to them about what we do. I was telling Hannah that I was watching the Today show the other day and there was a situation that happened and they called us guidance counselors. Shimmy Shake? No, thank you. No, thank you. Also, some people think that has to cost a lot of money to do all of these things. Guess what? The things that we are doing for you. Some of them do cost money, but some of them are the best price.

Speaker E: Free.

Mallory: 99.

Hannah: That's right. Faux free.

Mallory: That's the best price.

Hannah: It is the best price.

Mallory: On sale. Don't even need a coupon.

Hannah: Also, some people think it's going to.

Mallory: Take way too much time. I'm meeting with kids. I'm changing schedules. I'm helping with crisis calls. We totally get that. So are we. However, this little beautiful toolkit that is being handed to you does not have to take up much time at all. And another thing that Hannah and I really want you to know is that we have some of our kids help us do some of this stuff. So then we get some buy in from them as well. And it gets them jazzed and excited and pumped up.

Hannah: That's right. If I could pop in for 2 seconds. So these last few days that we've had school, well, Monday and last week, I have two little fourth grade girls that they come in every day and they're like, do you have anything we can help you with? Oh, girls. So they have been clipping and cutting out stuff and I have a ton of my things done already for next month because they've cut it all out for me. So it is awesome. And it helps build their confidence because they're excited to help somebody out. So it's a win win. Mallory's absolutely right. So get your kiddos to help out. And then the other part of it is, if you're talking to somebody and they're cutting out, man, the things just come out. I tell you what, things that you never knew or things that maybe they wouldn't have traditionally shared because their mind's on something else and they feel a little bit more comfortable. So that's a great way to not make it take so much of your time.

Mallory: And you might have some of those students that have a hard time coming to school, maybe even making it in the door. This can be a great incentive and say, hey, why don't you come help me do a special job? Always a great thing to have in your back pocket, especially if you are in elementary and you have to peel those kids from their parents and they can say, hey, come help me with this. And most of the time it works. So hopefully this will work for you as well. So you don't have to do it all by yourself. It's not going to cost a lot of time or money and you are going to be celebrating yourself and the other school counselors that are doing amazing things every single day. All right, here is the main act. Here is the amazing things that we have put together for you. The top thing is the starter kit. So if you want to use your phone and take a picture of the QR code and open it that way, we are going to share this bitly link with you. So if you are on your phone and you're driving or you want to pop it in the chat, that's perfect. Do not worry. We are going to send this out via email as well. So no panicking. The stage is no time for panic. So kind of open that, look through that. It is so much fun. And Hannah have had a lot of fun making it. And as you can see, our theme is rocking out, setting the stage because school counselors rock. We also wanted to keep in mind every single level, elementary, middle, high school, college, anybody. If you're a professor, if you are a dean of counselors, if you are a district person, you can use this and share it. If you get this and want to share this with your friends and your district, please do. That's why we have made it. We want everybody to be celebrated.

Hannah: All right, do you want to talk.

Mallory: About the podcast, Hannah, or anything else with the starter kit?

Hannah: We will kind of go through the starter kit here in just a second, but with the podcast. So our theme this year for school counselors rock actually came from our good pals at Casca. So this spring they are going to be hosting the spring conference and it is also rock and roll theme because we have a ton of school counseling rock stars. So if you are not signed up for this, you need to be because it is like a mini aska, all the people that are keynoting and there's like, I don't remember how many? Like six or something like this. They are all either school counselor of the year winners for the entire nation or they were finalists. So when we talk about actual rock stars, I mean, these are rock stars in the counseling world, which is awesome. So then with that, the kicking it with Casca podcast, we did a podcast which will launch actually at 08:00 a.m.. Today. It is what you're basically listening to now. But we wanted to make sure that more people were able to listen in and hear about our national school counseling week ideas and get access to that free starter kit. If you're not listening to kicking it with Casca, it is so much fun. It is a great way to get some free pd and we really would like for you to check it out because it is a great free resource. Mallory and I interview lots of different counselors around the nation, around our state, and it is so much fun. If you guys on here have something that you'd like to talk about and join our podcast, please let us know. Or if you know somebody that would be a great guest, you're like, hey, this person has wonderful ideas. Sign us up. We are ready to chat with anybody and everybody. So that's kind of what kicking it with Casca is all about. And now, Mal, shall we jump into that starter?

Mallory: Shall we? Shall. Let me switch my screen over and we are ready to go. We are jazzed. We are ready. The excitement is building. Here we go.

Hannah: Hold on your seats.

Mallory: It's loading. We're still loading.

Speaker E: Just like here it is.

Hannah: You have to wait for it. You just never know.

Mallory: Excitement. The excitement. Here we go, everybody. We are so excited to have this and share it. Hannah is a magician with canva. If you don't know canva, it is beautiful. It has these amazing things that you can do. Amazing things that you your best pal.

Hannah: Really?

Mallory: Absolutely. And Hannah, it is also free 90 09:00 a.m..

Speaker E: I. Right.

Hannah: Use your school account and you can the pro plan, which is bomb. So in canva pro, you can do so much more and you can use all their graphics and everything for free without the watermark on it. So if you're not using canva, that's my plug because it rocks with our, no pun intended. Actually, a rockstar just joined the call. Dr. Judy Huey Rockstar just joined us. We love Judy morning with our starter kit we have here. There are a ton of different things that you can do. Do we expect everybody to do all of them? Absolutely not. But we are challenging everybody that's on this call this morning to do one. Just do know your one great show. Just pick one that you dig and try it out. We have a ton of different ideas up front. And then we have some stuff at the end, too. We'll just kind of go through each. So Taylor in your pocket is.

Speaker E: Easy.

Hannah: Low prep game for your staff to play. My principal played this with us before winter break, but she had a penguin in our pocket. So much fun. It gets the whole staff talking and connecting and connect it back to school counselors. That's what we want to do. Connect with our staff, build relationships with them and our kids. So this one is just for fun, but it gets everybody talking. And you might talk to people that you typically wouldn't because you're asking, do you have Taylor in your pocket? So if you scroll down to the Taylor in your pocket for me, Mel, super easy. All you're going to do is cut out these little. Taylor Swift.

Mallory: She's even ripping school counseling.

Hannah: She loves us. I don't know that, but I'm going.

Speaker E: To say she does.

Hannah: But you can just cut these out if you want to get fancy. You can laminate them if you don't want to because it's going to take too much time. Don't. But you have all the rules of the game there. Just send it out to your staff. And then we also have some prize ideas that can go with it. So that could be like a low cost gift card. And you don't have to do all five of them either. Or for however many I put. If you just want to have one tailor in your pocket, maybe you've got a small staff, that's okay, too. And then if you scroll one more page, we do have, I always love to go to Dylan's. And in that little candy corner, they've got those four for five. And they're the box. Oh, I have some. The box candies. So you've got like your hot tamales, your Reese's, your whoppers, all that good stuff. We've created prize tags that you can, again, print, cut out, slap them on there. And they are school counselor related, which is awesome. You can see those when you can see those. We'll skip ahead then to the Rockstar recognition. This is one I love to do because not only is it easy peasy, but it promotes a lot of positivity in your building, which, again, we're all about. And it builds confidence in others because you're going to be writing a note to a staff member or to a student. And we're going to let other people do that, too. So what I do with the rockstar recognition cards is I cut them all out. Well, actually, my two fourth grade students actually cut them all out for me. So they cut them all out. And then we like to stick them by the printers because everybody goes to print and everybody just stands there. So why not give you something to do? So you fill out a card for somebody in our building just to promote some positivity and some good energy. Because that's what we're all about, too. Last year I did this with some cards and my dean of students and my principal, I didn't write them one I should have, but I didn't. They still have theirs up from staff members in their offices from this week, so it meant something to them. And it's still school counselor related. So it's kind of like another little, hey, school counselors did this, but you're getting recognition. So it kind of reminds them, too that school counselors are out there crushing things. So these are super easy. And then if you scroll down a little bit, or maybe it was at the top, there is a table tent, too, so you can obviously send out directions. But then I always like to make a little table tent to go on top just to remind people how this all works. Pick a card, write a note, deliver the note and drop it. I have a little box or that they can drop it and then I will deliver it for them. Again, I'm trying to make it low prep and easy for them, too. Or they can deliver it if they want. Most times they do want to deliver it. And I will tell you that this was my favorite thing that my fourth grade girls cut out because they fought over who would get to cut out the Taylor Swift. Yeah, the girls. I can print off more. Who's that little guy? I'm like, that's Freddie Mercury. What's that? That's his name. He's the lead singer of.

Speaker E: Huh.

Hannah: Okay, well, we've got some work to do in here, girls. While you cut out, we'll listen to some queen.

Mallory: We need to have some rock history lessons, right? Another cool thing that gets this really pumped up is having the teachers and the staff be so excited and the kids see that. And kids love to be happy and excited as well. And we've also had some teachers take this back to their classroom and do their own little rock and week. They do this with their kids. They do this with their parents and their staff members that come into their room with the parent educators and the special ed teachers. So this could be a huge school thing. And then teachers can take it and make it their own or you can take it if you can get into the classrooms and teach and help out as well. Kids love seeing grownups excited. It is so much fun.

Hannah: Absolutely. All right.

Mallory: And I think this is one of my faves, Hannah. Mic drop, Tootsie pop.

Hannah: Oh, the mic drop. Tootsie pop.

Mallory: Mic drop, tootsie pop. And these you can find very inexpensive at your local Sam's club. I will also tell you I did some price matching way cheaper than Amazon. So if you are a Sam's club member or if your school is. That is where I got these at a very good price.

Hannah: I will say. I've noticed recently, too, just with the, if you're getting any candy or anything off Amazon, I would price check, too. I've noticed recently that Amazon prices are a little bit higher than your Walmart and Sam's and things like that. So just double check if you are getting items online. Just so.

Mallory: It's got to love that, right? Am I right?

Hannah: So.

Mallory: You also will have these little cutouts. And this is what Hannah and I, we were talking about having some of our kids. My mom helped me cut these out yesterday during my snow day, and we took just a little bit of hot glue and glued those on the stick. And it looks like a microphone. Stop it. How cute is that? And then you could put these in their mailboxes. You can hand these out to kids. You can hand these out to parents as they walk in. We are going to go and talk to the board of education. We're going to pop one of these in one of their files so that each one of them have that. And be very careful.

Speaker E: Hot glue.

Mallory: I got a nice little burn there, but we're going to feel the burn because we are advocating and we are loving it.

Hannah: That's awesome.

Mallory: If you also see some of these, at the bottom is where you will find the mic drop, tootsie pops. And I will tell you, we tried tape. We tried the little glue dots. Glue gun is where it's at.

Hannah: Yeah. And I put that on the use. The girls use glue sticks, but we really had to use a lot of glue sticks and kind of work kind of didn't. Judy Huey just gave us a hot tip. It is Jimmy Page's 80th birthday. Led zeppelin leaf, which is also the shirt pipe this morning. The smart dog. Jeez, pipes.

Mallory: She knew. Who is your owner? Must be school counsel of the year. Weird.

Hannah: All right, so popcorn palooza live set up a little popcorn bar in your lounge. There are posters to go with it. And it talks about popping into the school counselor's office for things that sometimes our teachers forget that we can do. So not that they always forget, but I put one up one time and a teacher came and she said, I totally forget that you could do a group on self esteem. I need that. I was like, cool. She said, I'm so glad that was up there because that reminded me so popcorn palooza and everybody loves a snack. You can get giant bags of pre pop popcorn at Sam's, which are pretty inexpensive. I have a popcorn maker at my school, so I sit up there and I do pop popcorn for a while. But that's because I like to do it and it fills the whole school full of that popcorn smell, which I think adds, but that's up to you. You can also make it. You can get the pre pop popcorn, but if it runs out, it runs out. Sometimes people are like, well, my staff is pretty big. My staff is pretty big, too. I try to feed the whole crew. Paras, lunch ladies, all that jazz, lunch ladies, custodians. It runs out. It was just the thought that counts and the signs can stay up. You can also create like a little. I thought it'd be cool to make a merch table for your band. And we have blow up guitars and all kinds of stuff you could stick up there and some posters like the popcorn palooza live just to remind staff what counseling is all about and the things that we can provide to them and remind them that their support really does matter to us. Next one on there, Mel sky.

Mallory: Just secondhand for the swag table. So much fun. So you can take pictures too with some of those signs. And on Amazon they have super cool things that you can use with some blow up items. And I'm going to take off my background really quick and you can order these on Amazon. Well, it's not working right now, but our blow up.

Carol: Super cool.

Speaker E: Can't see it.

Mallory: Super cool guitars and the microphones and stereo boxes, they are so fun. And then that gets the teachers excited and they can tag you on Facebook. And I'm really advocate that way so everybody is really seeing. Oh, go ahead.

Hannah: I was going to say, and then at the end of our kit, we also talked about maybe doing a photo booth so you could use those for a merch table and then you could reuse them again. I plan to use the guitars and the keyboard and the microphones for a photo booth outside my office in the morning. Where kids can tell us why they rock. To build a little self confidence and self esteem and just to remind peeps that that's what we're here for, too. So you can use them in more ways than one. And then the great thing about those is when you're done and you deflate them, they just roll up real nice. And I put them in a little ziploc baggie because I've done school counselors rock another time, and I'm getting it back out again because it does rock. It's a great theme. So they're things that you can keep and reuse, and they're not super expensive either. We've got links at the end, too for that.

Mallory: Absolutely. And then you can reuse these, too for other different things. If you have to do assemblies, if you get to do speakers, that could just kind of be your theme for the year as well.

Hannah: All right.

Mallory: And I'm really excited about this one, too. Hannah, our girl Mel, this was her idea.

Hannah: Yeah, it was a great.

Mallory: Tell us about it with our boy bands.

Speaker E: Yeah.

Hannah: Mel, do you want to tell us?

Mallory: Sure.

Speaker F: When I worked at Dodge City High School, some of the fun things that we did was take group pictures with different themes, and so I thought about this one. We all know the boy band in sync, so we just talk about how, just like a boy band, we'd like to work together for student success. So you could invite your staff and even your students that day to wear their favorite band t shirts. And either before school starts or at the end of the day, try to get as many together for a group photo, just for a fun memory to send out to your teachers.

Hannah: And could you use those blow up guitars in that? All right. Now, Mel, I'll have to.

Mallory: Your microphones or hairbrush, if you will.

Hannah: I'm a BSB kind of girl.

Mallory: All right, you rock.

Speaker E: Whatever shirt.

Hannah: I had to go that way for that. We just have about five minutes left, so let's really quick go through. We'll show the spirit week and all that jazz. I know you guys can see this, but Mal has come up with a no prep spirit week that you can do with your whole staff and students. Lots of fun things that we can do, but we want to save just a little bit of time at the end for questions or things that you are most excited about.

Mallory: Yes. And we know that some people have conferences that first week of February. You might be in school, you might not be, but we just went ahead and planned this whole week for you. Some people love dress up days. So that is just a fun idea. Again, no prep, no problem. And then also some different things that we have put on here. Like Hannah said, we put the link on there for the coloring pages, the props, the blow up guitars. I mean, $10 right there. It's amazing. And then here are the cool signs that we talked about. And these are also super fun, too, that you can have these in the hallway, you can have them with the. Taking the pictures with the guitars. And then also, some people are in charge of morning announcements. So we wrote these up for you as well. Even if you're not in charge of them. You could be for that week, or you could have kids help you do this. So much fun. And then another cool thing that we thought of was labels on water bottles and handing these out to students and staff. You could also have these on your merch tables. So again, Sam's club, 40 pack for 498. And so you can print these off and just slap them on there. And, I mean, rock stars need to hydrate and educate. Let's go. And we do just have three more minutes left. So hopefully you have learned a lot in this quick time this morning. And if you have any questions, you are more than welcome to email us, facebook us if you want to put them in the chat. Maybe you guys have some different ideas or other things that you're thinking about. Feel free to share those as well. Again, it's all about banding together and teaming up to make this the best week ever for school counselors.

Hannah: It's true. It's true. And don't forget, social media is a great thing, too. If your school has a social media account, take pictures of all this. Put it out there.

Speaker E: Sure.

Hannah: You know what? Students can and cannot be on there, but go for it. It's going to be awesome. Before we go and before we that.

Mallory: Speaking of that, Hannah at the top, we also put that hashtag that if you do any of this, tag us. We want to see all the amazing things that you're doing, and we might feature you. So rock, right?

Hannah: That's right. Totally. Totally. We want to know what you guys are up to. Speaking of social media, I think in order to get all of our Kansas counselors pumped up, should we take a rockstar pick this morning? I think we should. All right. Pop us off. Be brave. Turn on your camera.

Mallory: You don't want to be on your camera. That's okay. If you don't want to be, that's okay, too. It's your best rock star, rock star outfit. Your best rock star hand motions and let's do this.

Hannah: All right, let me make this happen. Are you all ready? Oh, good on there. Three, two, one. I love it. Okay, I got to get page two. Sorry, everybody. One more time. One more time. Oh, Corey, looking good with those horns.

Speaker E: Three, two, one.

Hannah: You guys rule. Nice.

Mallory: You guys are so fun.

Speaker E: We love it.

Mallory: We're so glad that you're here. We know that this was very quick, but some of you have to get off and go to rock out your day. Some of us are at home for a snow day. Some of you aren't even in Kansas. We're just so glad that you're here. Thank you for taking time with us this morning again. If you need anything, we're going to stay on a little bit, but feel free to email us, put us in the chat.

Hannah: You all rock.

Mallory: Thank you for everything that you guys do for your kids, your family.

Hannah: We appreciate. Ooh, so Sadie says she went to the mayor of the cities that we'll do their proclamation.

Speaker E: Yeah.

Mallory: Love that.

Hannah: In Kansas, too, which will be awesome.

Speaker G: If you didn't hear yesterday, school counselors got a shout out during the school board, the state school board meeting.

Mallory: What did I like to hear, Dr. Huey about?

Speaker G: Dr. Proctor talked about a lesson on conflict mediation that he heard from his school counselor and he talked about how incredible it was nice to the whole school board, which is really nice. Yeah. So yay for school counselors once again.

Hannah: That's awesome things out there.

Speaker G: Have a wonderful day.

Hannah: Thanks for joining, everybody.

Mallory: Yeah. Judy, we have to give you a shout out because you're like our band manager.

Speaker E: You keep.

Speaker G: You'Re working so hard. It just warms my heart.

Hannah: We learned from you. Bye bye, Dr. Judy.

Carol: Hi, everyone. It's carol again. So I hope it was fun listening to Mal and Hannah talk all about their toolkit and national school counseling week and sharing their ideas of how you can implement celebrating in your school and how it doesn't have to be hard or take a lot of time or cost a lot of money because really, you don't need to do any of those things. Anyway, I hope this was super helpful for you and that you had fun listening to them just banter and chat and do all the fun things that they do. I hope that you guys do celebrate national School Counseling week. I have some links for you in the show notes so that you can download your own toolkit. I have some stuff that I will put in there as well so that you can download because I do want it to be really easy for you. And let me know, my friends, what you are doing to celebrate what you did. To celebrate, I want you to share those pictures. Share them online. Tag me. Tag mal. Tag Hannah. So that the whole world can really see what school counselors do. Anyway, my friends, until next time, have a great week.

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