12. School Anxiety Solutions: Technical Tips for Managing Tears at Dropoff with Ashley Bartley

Are you a school counselor looking for effective strategies to address separation anxiety, school anxiety, and school refusal? If so, this episode of Counselor Chat Podcast is for you! 

In this episode, I chat with Ashley Bartley, an experienced elementary school counselor, author, presenter, and creative mind behind Counselor Station. They take a deep dive into the topic of helping kids overcome separation challenges and anxiety. 

Ashley Bartley is an Elementary School Counselor in Virginia. She also is Counselor Station on TpT and social media. Ashley will be a presenter at the Summer Counselor Conference where she will go in depth on helping students with school anxiety, separation anxiety and school refusal, but today she’ll share what she does at her school to help students who are frequent cryers as they enter school.

Topics Covered:

  • Identifying the prevalence of separation and school anxiety in recent years, especially following the pandemic 
  • Exploring tactical tips and strategies for educators to support students facing separation and school anxiety
  • Collaborating with parents and caregivers to provide comprehensive support for students 
  • Implementing tiered interventions to meet students’ varying needs
  • Creating a positive and inclusive environment for new students, including ELL students 

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