We are Fortunate with Kindness

To celebrate Random Acts Of Kindness Week, my Lunch Bunch groups decided to spread kindness to all our teacher on campus.  

As they entered my room, I had this written on the White Board.  My secretary Kimmie, who is originally from Japan, wrote in Japanese the word “fortune” on the board as well.  As the kids ate their lunch we talked about how we are all fortunate with all kinds of kindness.  I will say with 5th graders you really never know what they are going to say, and sometimes, I can’t help but laugh hysterically right along with them.  When I asked what is something kind that they could do, I got answer that included, “Help someone”, “Tell someone they are pretty” and my favorite, (but definitely the wrong answer) “kiss boys”.  

After a lot of laughs we moved on to making  fortune cookies for everyone who works in the building and a few extra for each student to give away.

I had circles and fortunes already pre-cut when the students came in.  (You will also need glue tape or glue dots.)  
To make the fortune cookies:

1.  First take a circle and fold it in half.  

 2.  Crease only the middle.

3.  Unfold.  Turn so the crease is vertical. 
4.  Roll into a tube.
5.  Put fortune inside of tube.

6.  Push on the crease and have a glue dot or use glue tape on either side of the crease.  

This is what it look likes when the two sides meet.
Some of our finished products.  

Cute, right?!!

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