The Thinking Game

Recently, during Lunch Bunch I wanted to be able to see if my students remembered the skills we have been working on.  I made this game as a way for them to practice their team building skills, as well as to reinforce all the topics we have covered.  

I started by breaking my Lunch Bunch up into teams of 4-6 students.  I gave each student a post it note that was either blue, purple, or pink.  These helped to sort my groups.  

Playing is very simple. First, just roll a die or flip a coin to move, land on a circle, then give 5 answers for that question.  I gave each team 1 minute to come up with their five answers.  

Some of the questions include:

  • Careers that start with “C”
  • Ways to avoid drama
  • Ways to apologize
  • Compliments you can give someone
  • Things in your locker
  • Reasons people dance

Some of the questions were definitely funny, and others were more serious.  All in all, it was a great way to review. 

Since I had a full room, we put the game board up on the whiteboard and used magnets as our game pieces.

Want a copy for your groups? Grab yours here!

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