The Kindness Project Begins For 2013-2014

Whew. . .what a whirlwind of the past few days.  Exciting, but fast and crazy! 

In my last several Lunch Bunch sessions, we talked about becoming a thrower of starfish and to also be the lone nut and the first follower.  These were good lessons to start with as a discussion for Bully Prevention Month and Mix It Up At Lunch Day.

My personal goal for my LBers is to empower them as leaders to do something good for our school and to end bullying.  As some schools term it, HEROS.  Yes, my main goal is for us to be a HERO school. 

I was excited this summer when I heard of Secret’s Mean Stinks Program.  Yes, I ordered my educator pack and was delighted when it came in.

For this week’s Lunch Bunch I pulled out my pack, grabbed the smaller cards in the upper left hand corner of the picture and the blue nail polish.  We painted our pinkies blue to end the mean.  For those students who thought they were not allowed to wear nailpolish, we used blue washable markers and “painted” their nails with marker.  The cards have a Gang Up For Good cheat sheet on the back, which I used to as  pledge that they had to repeat after me.
Our Pledge:
I pledge that I will exclude mean and not gossip about my friends.  I will check myself for mean because I know that nobody’s perfect.  When drama flares, I will put it out.  If I witness mean, I will report it to CPR (choices planning room–a place kids go to worth through problems with others).  I won’t stand by.  I will stand with my sisters (or brothers) in the Mean Stinks Squad (that’s what we are calling ourselves) against bullying.     
We ended with a blue pinkie swear.

We also talked about the last two weeks and pulled all the lessons in together and how they related to Bully Prevention Month and Mix It Up Day, which is coming up on October 29th. 

Our discussion focused on what we were going to personally do to “Gang Up For Good”  and what were ideas for Mix It Up Day that would encourage other students to do the same.  I covered our table with butcher paper and set a basket of markers in the middle so they could write out and draw their answers.  I just love their answers and paper that was covering the table is now hanging on the wall in the hallway outside of my office. 

We had a lot to talk about, and I must admit they were a little rowdy because they were so excited, but it was a great lesson.
What made me smile the most was when today one of my LBers who thought couldn’t paint her nails, came to me to show me her newly nailpolished nails.  Clear polish with blue sparkles and a little blue heart in the center.  It’s the little things like that that really touch me.
What are you doing to end the mean?

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