Random Acts of Kindness Generator

I wanted something fun to do today with my boys during Lunch Bunch.   Both groups are very active, and I need some hands-on activities to keep them settled down and focused.  I often worry that they won’t like the craft projects I pick out, or that they will think that the activities are too babyish. However, they always seem to enjoy themselves. I was excited about today’s activity and it was a hit.  The theme this week is Random Acts of Kindness!

After talking about what some Random Acts of Kindness are, I put the boys to work cutting and folding their papers.

We made a Random Kindness Generator. . . AKA cootie catcher or fortune teller.  I have been seeing a lot of fortune tellers on Pinterest. I could not find one that fit my needs, so I recreated one.  

You can grab yours here!

Here they are playing. . .

These were great and I will be using them again next week with my girls!   

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